Satisfy your taste buds FOR REAL this time!

You bought the newest flavor of a Ready-to-Drink alcoholic beverage.

You’re excited. This one looks delicious. The Instagram influencer you follow has been raving about it.

You pop the top, listen to that satisfying sizzle, and prepare for that pleasant and mildly overwhelming sensation that comes from a mouth full of carbonation.

You tilt your head back and take the first sip. Hmm…

You try another sip. Maybe you’ll get the full flavor profile this time.


Disappointment sinks in as you come to terms with the fact that you’ve purchased another tasteless drink.



We won’t call out anyone in particular, but we’ve all had those RTDs that don’t excite your palate.

Choosing the healthier option in the drink isle makes us feel good about ditching sugar-filled RTDs or cocktails, but it leaves us believing that healthy means boring.

Okay, so what are the other options for a delicious adult beverage?

On average, wine contains about 125 calories per 5oz glass, and beer has anywhere from 150-330 calories per 12 oz glass. Both contain carbohydrates, which are a big no-no for many people that want to limit their carb intake. Three glasses of beer later and you feel like you’ve eaten a bowl of pasta! 

On the other hand, liquor ranges from 64-115 calories per shot, with many containing no carbohydrates (think whiskey, vodka, tequila and gin). Sounds like a win.

Now how do you make it delicious without loading it with sugar and carbs?

How about a cocktail mixer that has no sugar, no calories, no carbs AND has 9 b-vitamins to help combat your hangover?

If that sounds too good to be true, buckle up folks!

Chase cocktail mixers are here for your insides & your taste buds.  

They’re made with natural flavors & sweetened with the highest-grade stevia to satisfy your sweet tooth without the bitter aftertaste. Cola tastes just like CocaCola without all of the sugar, and Tropical Thunder is a delicious mix of mango and pineapple that reminds us of a piña colada.

All you have to do is add one squirt of Chase to a shot of liquor and fill it with water or soda water.

Voila, healthy AND delicious 

So before you get your hopes up about another tasteless RTD, try adding a squirt of Chase and feel the corners of your mouth lift :) 


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