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Cola Single
Cola Single
Cola Single
Cola Single
Cola Single
Cola Single
Cola Single

Cola Single

Chase Cola tastes exactly like you think it does. We squeezed a lot of goodness into a 2oz cocktail mixer for anyone on the go. Add one squirt of Chase to your favorite liquor, add water and voila: a delicious drink that tastes so good it should be bad for you. Oh, and did we mention there are 9 b-vitamins to help combat a hangover? See if CocaCola does that for you...

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9 B-Vitamins

Made in USA

0 Calories

1 Bottle Makes 30 Drinks

Break up with Juice & Don't Return Pop's Calls

If you care about your what goes into your body (and let's be honest, what it looks like on the outside) you don't drink sugar or extra calories. Enter Chase: a zero-calorie cocktail mixer that replaces sugary drinks as a mix for alcohol. It's made with natural flavors and colors to mimic the flavors you know and love, minus the ingredients you don't.

Fight your hangover

9 b-vitamins + water - sugar = the best
hangover fighting trio ever. 

Don't drink your calories

None of the calories & all of the flavor mixed with the lowest calorie alcohol (AKA liquor) makes for a waist-friendly cocktail

Save the turtles

1 bottle of Chase makes 30 drinks. That's 30 less pop cans in landfills (and no plastic rings in the ocean!)

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Life is complex. Making a Chase cocktail isn't.


Happy Customers


"It's SO good 🤯 I already love pineapple and mango anything, but this is seriously good lol 10/10 recommend. On top of that it's a genius mix idea! Smart, easy & doesn't take up space. I'm dying to know how the Cola one tastes now" - Rebecca R.

Macro friendly 

"This is the best way to drink, hands down. I track my macros every day, so not worrying about extra sugar (carbs) or calories in general with this cocktail mixer is amazing. It makes going out and having a drink way more enjoyable when I don't have to worry about feeling guilty" - Chris P.

The flavours are delicious!

"The flavours are delicious! The mango pineapple is amazing. I love to squirt some in a glass of water for a healthy, but sweet drink. The fact that Chase is full of vitamins makes it all the better." - Amy G.

Customer Reviews

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Luciana Beaudry
Sans sucre

Pour ceux qui aime boire des breuvages sans sucre, Chase est pour vous!
À mélanger avec votre alcool préféré ou tout simplement avec une eau pétillante. Pour ma part, j'ai trouvé ça sucré et le sucralose me reste sur la langue. Ça goûte vraiment le cola.

Radhika aka Christine
A flavorful combination for your tastebuds!!

I was a bit hesitant to try this, but boy was I surprised by how good it was. You don't need a lot of drops when mixing it and it can be carried around too easily to parties and other friend's places. I only tried the cola and it was so delicious.
It is packed with electrolytes and vitamins.
The main benefit is that unlike caffeine or alcohol that you may have on the rocks, it's main goal is to keep you hyrdated.
A few squirts in your shot of alcohol and top it up with water. It prevents a hangover and also is diabetic friendly + you avoid all the calories and carbohydrates in pop. It is gluten and dairy free and has no artifical colors.
The only difference to a pop would be that this tasted more like Dr. Pepper, in the sense that it had a metallic aftertaste because of the vitamins in it. I hope to get a chance to try the mango pineapple soon and also wish that they do come out with more flavors.
This is a fantastic product all round and a really smart and innovative idea. Two thumbs up !!!

A good alternative to Coca Cola

I received a free sample and tried it right away, as I was curious as to how it would taste.

I used only four drops, but it was enough to fully engulf the drink and provide not only colour but a sweet taste reminiscent of pop. It's actually a fair replacement for Coca Cola, minus the calories and sugar, so those looking to cut back should look into this as an alternative.

Courtney Jones
Just like drinking Dr Pepper!

Pretty tasty, and very concentrated. Took only three drops to fully flavor 16 ounces.

Patty Cuddy
Great chaser

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it tasted. It is a great alternative to pop as it has less calories.

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