Over 35,000 Customers Served!

Over 35,000 Customers Served!

Chase Your Drinks Cola 4 Pack Cocktail Mix
Chase Cola Cocktail Mixer
CHASE Cola Cocktail Mixer Single Bottle
Chase Cola Cocktail Ingredients

Cola Cocktail Mixer | 4 Pack | 120 Servings

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No Sugar. No Calories. No Compromise.

Say hello to the 21st Century Rum & Coke. Chase developed a zero calorie, sugar free, all natural cocktail mixer, with the added benefit of 9 B-Vitamins to help combat your hangover! 

Chase Cola tastes like, looks like, and smells just like Coke without all of the horrible ingredients! Cola is a familiar friend in a modern form, making the transition from traditional sugary sodas easier than ever. 

To make a drink start with a glass and add ice. Pour one shot of any hard liquor and add a squirt of Chase. Fill with flat or sparking water to enjoy a refreshing Chase cocktail!

- 0 Sugar
- 0 Calories 
- No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Sweeteners
- Sweetened with Organic Stevia
- Enhanced with B Vitamins
- Mixes Instantly With ANY Hard Liquor
- 30 Servings Per Bottle  
- Vegan 
- Gluten Free
- Keto Friendly 
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