About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Chase is made for the go-getters. The people who won’t compromise. The people who wake up every day and Chase their dreams. Our mission is to show you that you can drink smarter and stay on track with your health and wellness goals without compromising on taste.

Rethink Your Drink


Don’t compromise for tasteless vodka-sodas.

Don’t drink your calories.

Don’t let that hangover ruin your day.

Don’t let anything stop you from Chasing your dreams.

Drink with Chase.


Chase’s high quality and functional ingredients set the standard for drink mixers.

Add in the Good

9 B-vitamins

Keep out the Bad

No Calories

No Sugar

No Artificial Colors of Flavors

Made for Everyone


Gluten free


Diabetic friendly

Our Team

Chris Harper

Chris is a serial entrepreneur that has a burning passion for making lives better through business. Chris is built on a growth mindset and won’t compromise when indulging in a few beverages. His disdain for beer and sugary cocktails propelled him to invent Chase. When Chris isn’t doing business he can be found in the gym or doing more business.

Jenn Fischer

Jenn knows that every day provides an opportunity to improve herself – whether in her health, career or relationships. She works at Chase to bring that message to as many people as possible. Jenn quit law school to pursue Chase full time.


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