Our Mission

   Our focus at CHASE is to over deliver on value to our customers. We identified a problem worth solving. The modern drinking experience was broken and we've fixed it. We identified the problem and the culprit was sugar used to improve the taste of alcohol. Sugar not only makes us fat, but we actually discovered it makes hangovers way worse and creates an unnecessary toll on the body. Double-Trouble!  No more drawbacks, no more lethargy and way less calories weighing on your conscious. Now you have a clear choice on what to use as a chase for your liquor. 

   Canadian made and fueled by a desire for change we are waging war on sugar. High quality functional ingredients form the basis for a new standard in mixing or 'chase'. We've developed this product with you in mind. A flavourful, easy to mix and portable cocktail mix to support your healthy habits wherever you are. Not only is there no sacrifice on taste and quality but you are rewarded the next day by bouncing back quicker than ever before. 

   CHASE is a response to a growing movement in the food and beverage space. We are a company founded on transparency, perseverance a commitment to bringing products to market we are truly proud of. We trust you will enjoy these powerful formula's as much as we do. Endeavor to be your best and settle for nothing less.