Over 35,000 Customers Served!

Over 35,000 Customers Served!

Chase Your Drinks Mixed 4 Pack Cocktail Mix
Chase Your Drinks Your Drink Tropical Thunder Front
Chase Your Drinks Your Drink Tropical Thunder Single Back
Chase Your Drinks Your Drink Cola Single Front
Chase Your Drinks Your Drink Cola Single Front

Cocktail Mixer Variety Pack | Cola & Tropical Thunder | 120 Servings

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No Sugar. No Calories. No Compromise.

Chase developed a zero calorie, sugar free, all natural cocktail mixer, with the added benefit of 9 B-Vitamins to help combat your hangover! 

Chase Cola tastes like, looks like, and smells just like Coke without all of the horrible ingredients! Cola is a familiar friend in a modern form, making the transition from traditional sugary sodas easier than ever. 

Tropical Thunder's delicious Mango-Pineapple blend makes you feel like you're sipping drinks on the beach. 

To make a drink start with a glass and add ice. Pour one shot of any hard liquor and add a squirt of Chase. Fill with flat or sparking water to enjoy a refreshing Chase cocktail!

- 0 Sugar
- 0 Calories 
- No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Sweeteners
- Sweetened with Organic Stevia
- Enhanced with B Vitamins
- Mixes Instantly With ANY Hard Liquor
- 30 Servings Per Bottle  
- Vegan 
- Gluten Free
- Keto Friendly 
We take pride in transparency, quality, and carefully formulated flavours; always delivering the best possible product to our customers.